A natural antiseptic and antibacterial liquid solution.

Lets-Sanify was established in 2018 to deliver world class natural disinfection after chemically based disinfectants were viewed as harmful in the long term. Using world leading technology that delivers the highest quality standards throughout the manufacturing and marketing process, delivers exactly what was wanted.

Each stage of production is rigorously monitored for both HOCL and water quality ensuring that the product can perform to the highest expectations in all sectors. Lets-Sanify has been rigorously tested in hospital microbiology departments worldwide, independent UK laboratories and complies with all necessary certification for both human and animal use.

The aim at the outset was to provide a safe, effective and above all a natural product that protected but did no harm. Lets-Sanify is the result of that aim. All staff have the same mindset and concerns about how chemicals can cause adverse reactions when used. A natural product such as Biosan® gets the thumbs up every time.