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Commonwealth Games

Updated: Oct 18

Commonwealth Games 2022

We understand the games are such a significant global event. We have a great opportunity to show the world the greatness of our people and city especially with the current global situation with pandemic that has put nations into a physical and economic depression. LETS-SANIFY being a local business with homegrown talent are in the perfect position to be an official partner of the games. We have manufactured a superior product which 100% natural and has passed all the quality assurance for UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa and UAE. Our products have no carbon footprint with zero waste which makes it so unique and in line with the games of being eco friendly.

LETS-SANIFY are in a unique position with the capacity to manufacture over 5 million litres of hand and multi-purpose anti bacteria cleaning solution with furthermore if required.

LETS- SANIFY for the games we would work in partnership to meet all safety requirements of the spectators, athletes, volunteers, employees and everyone associated with the games.

We have our own manufacturing plant in Birmingham for automated dispensers, fogging gates (atmospheric misting gateways)

LETS-SANIFY will ramp employment of logistical personal, sales executives and product ambassadors. These opportunity will be for local people giving them sustainable employment. As a partner we know the games will give us the publicity and tremendous kudos which will elevate us.

We at LETS-SANIFY are looking forward in becoming a partner of Commonwealth Games 2022

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