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Shani Dhanda is one of the most influential disabled people in the UK, not to mention an award winning specialist and an inspiration to many. She has shown support to various organisations and also helps organisations to break barriers and integrate inclusion into their business frameworks. Shani is also a practitioner for inclusion across government, business, non-profit and wider society.

'A winning combination of authenticity and passion, helping to remove the awkwardness and fear of having confident conversations about disability within business and society.'

Is what Shani described her style and method as, which is something that has been very motivating and inspirational for various individuals.

Shani also founded and leads Diversability, Asian Woman Festival and Asian Disability Network which all have the main purpose of empowering the communities that do not have as much representation,

Shani also helps to raise awareness in the underrepresented communities. Diversability is a platform specially for disabled people, with the aim at reducing financial pressures from extra costs that are difficult to avoid, when it comes to living with a condition or impairment. It is also the world’s first inclusive platform for disabled individuals.

Asian Woman Festival is the first event in the UK of this kind, dedicated to raising awareness on stereotypes to empower and celebrate Asian women. Asian Disability Network is a platform focused on educational aspects and it is a support network for people who experience various types of prejudice or discrimination due to their ethnic and cultural identities.

All platforms are beneficial and educational for various individuals and can help to raise awareness on many different topics that are not always highlighted.

Shani Dhanda also writes for charities, brands and media outlets which allows her speak personally and directly about different issues, topic, the people that inspire her as well as her own personal experiences.

Lets Sanify is proud to have Shani Dhanda as their brand ambassador, promoting the Green Revolution for a safer and better environment and to achieve the goal of sustainability.


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